Ondernemende Overheid


Juist bij de overheid werken mensen die met passie werken aan de verbetering van Nederland. Mark Frequin presenteert tijdens BID 2014 verschillende initiatieven op oa het gebied van transport, jeugdwerkloosheid en zorg waar overheid en bedrijfsleven op nieuwe manieren samenwerken. Door na te denken over wat echt nodig is en het gedrag van mensen zó […]

Boudewijn de Kerf


Boudewijn de Kerf, born in 1962, graduated in Mathematics at the University of Amsterdam. He did not become a researcher, he is an entrepreneur since 1989. All his companies have one thing in common: innovation. Up to seven times Baldwin founded or supervised a company that develops new technology. These companies or their technology have […]

Massoud [node:field_tussenvoegsel] Hassani


Mine Kafon is based on the toys of the developer from his childhood in Afghanistan: on the wind moving ball with protrusions like tumbleweed – a kind of cloud of dust – about minefields and can destroy to three or four mines per trip. The costs for Mine Kafon are a fraction of a traditional […]

Sadik [node:field_tussenvoegsel] Harchaoui


Sadik Harchaoui is the director of Impact Society and the Centre for Social Entrepreneurship at the NSOB. Since 2007 Sadik is the Chairman of the Board of Social Development. Impact Society develops and lobbies on innovative financing arrangements such as the Social Impact Bond (SIB), for entrepreneurs who want to solve urgent social issues. These […]

Leon van Halder


Leon van Halder has been appointed since November 2013 as Secretary-General at the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport. He previously held the position as director general curative care, where he received the title Government Manager of the Year for 2013.

Frans de Groot


Frans de Groot is the founder of the Bitsing method and owns BiTS in Business in Amsterdam. He teaches Bitsing at Radboud University and several colleges. For a few years there is the internationally acclaimed method BITSING taking on a new scientific manner turnover is achieved and maximized at minimal cost. Applicable for every company […]

Arjan van Gils


Arjan van Gils is the town clerk of Amsterdam. He is the first adviser of the College of B&W and responsible for the services of the central city. He also represents the community in different regional, national and European platforms. As the highest official of the city, the town clerk is responsible for the connection […]

Laetitia [node:field_tussenvoegsel] Gerards


Laetitia Gerards (1993) was born into a musical family. She started playing cello at the age of 6. Lots of singing and theater classes followed. Laetitia studied two years at the Music Conservatory in Tilburg. At the moment she’s studying classical solo singing at the Conservatory of Amsterdam. In 2009 she achieved her first prize […]